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Name:Dejah Thoris

Dejah Thoris Princess of Helium, Regent of the Royal Helium Academy of Science, leading scientific expert on the Ninth Ray, skilled swordswoman and historian of the planet Barsoom, also known as Mars. Dejah Thoris, scion of Helium, who bends to no man.
Barsoom, also known as Mars, is home to the remnants of a ten thousand year old civilisation. Helium is all that remains of a world that once knew lush forests and vast oceans. After a thousand year civil war turned most of Barsoom into a vast red desert, the true enemy has been exposed and eradicated. The shadow war with an ancient race of immortals called the Thern is over, and a new age has begun.

This timeline is contemporary with 2014. One hundred years have passed since her husband John Carter passed, and his nephew, Edgar Rice Burroughs published his uncle's fanciful tales of Barsoom as pulp novels. The Thern may have moved on to Earth, and as such, Dejah has kept a weather eye on Barsoom's noisy neighbor. What she knows of modern Earth culture and politics is largely filtered from the perpetual stream of radio signals, and what she was able to learn in the decades she was married to John Carter, a veteran officer of the Confederate army.

Available AUs:
  • Human!Dejah, a talented painter and mixed media artist, she's Brooklyn's newest rising star on the art scene. (inspired by [personal profile] unending_belief).
  • Star Trek!Dejah, advanced warp theorist working in collaboration with the Federation out of Utopia Planetia, she splits her time between Barsoom (which is not Mars) and Earth. (inspired by [personal profile] iamthedarkness).

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